Resources for Educators

Resources for Educators

Your school nutrition department wants to partner with you to help you build strong bodies and stronger minds.  We’ve made this page a place for you to find and suggest resources that you can use in the classroom and when talking to parents.  We welcome suggestions for more links that you’ve found and would like to share.  Let us be your first resource when you need to find ways to integrate healthy habits and learning into your classroom discussions.

Tip of the Month

What do you have planned for your classroom Halloween party?

Practice your students' lunch numbers with them!

When students buy breakfast, lunch, or snacks from the cafeteria they have to put in their student number. Try using this worksheet to help your students learn their individual numbers!

Self Care Tip of the Month

October was National Farm to School month.  What does this have to do with self care?  Click on the icon above to find out how you can mix the two!

Adventure To Fitness
Harvest of the Month

Questions About our Meal Program?

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