Resources for Parents

Resources for Parents

Parents, we’re here for you.  This is your place to find out what’s happening in the world of child nutrition.  Bookmark this page so that you can find out what you want to know about helping your child grow up happy and healthy through right diet and exercise.  We’ve even got links here to our payment system and menus so that you can know what your child is eating today and tomorrow and even next week! Wish you knew more?  Just let us know or browse through our helpful links on this page to help you take care of the ones you care so much about.

Learn more about school lunch!

When it comes to school meals, who makes the rules?  What does school lunch provide to my students?  What if I need financial assistance with school meals?

Tip of the Month

The tip of the month comes from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  It talks about food safety and natural disasters.  With heavy rain and strong winds upon us there is always a chance for a storm that will knock the power out.

Practice your student's lunch number with them!

When students buy breakfast, lunch, or snacks from the cafeteria they have to put in their student number. Try using this worksheet to help your student learn their individual number!

What's In Season this month?

Click on the barn above to see all of the produce that are in season this month.  There are even some locations where you can find some of the goodies locally!

Recipe of the Month

Oregano is in season! Click on the icon above to see a recipe with oregano you may not have thought of before!

Tips For Shopping On A Budget

Have you been trying to do a better job sticking to your food budget?  Try reading through this article from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to see if these tips can help you stay on budget!

Self Care Tip of the Month

October was National Farm to School month.  What does this have to do with self care?  Click on the icon above to find out how you can mix the two!

Nutrition and Exercise

While nutrition is specific to each individual person, this article gives a general guide to pre- and post-workout nutirtion.

Kitchen Highlight of the Month

This link is not ready just yet… Check back later! 

National Holidays of the Month

What silly, wacky, or goofy holidays are going on this month? Click the calander above to check it out!

Adventure To Fitness

Questions About our Meal Program?

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